Finally, the summer is here.And the football world cup has started.
   Despite all the problems that the human race has... football and summer vacations make more sense to all of us.Right?
   Who cares about people that starve? about people that are homeless? about people who are beaten up by the police? who cares about the elections and the fucking fascists and the rest scumbags who got elected for the European parliament and the municipalities ?fuck it,it's summer and we love it!
 After this post i think that all of you should know, that i'm going straight to the beach to take some cool selfies and upload them on instagram. Make sure to follow me,bastards!

 Well,some news about the band now.
 First of all, we haven't recorded anything new since the last time..but we will in the near future. (hopefully before July).
  After our last show at K*VOX, we may take part in another show at the first days of July. A poster will be uploaded in the future.
  We also got new reviews from the MOUNTZA fanzine issue #6. The first one is from a very handsome and talented journalist and the second from a not so handsome boozer,who passes his time in Greek taverns and small bars,that serve cheap booze and ugly prostitutes... you can order your copy from here.Make sure to grab your copy,this is really one of the best fanzines,with cool interviews,articles,etc.
  Last but not least, we joined the Fast//violence part two compilation. The compilation is limited to 250 copies and comes in tape format only. Unfortunately we will not be able to have copies, so you can order your copy here.

This is the handsome journalist's review:
This is the tavern guy's review:

FAST//VIOLENCE part two: