News from the Shithole - Cut Off from Society.

   Nowadays, socio-political situation goes in a frenzy in Greece.Economic crisis has destroyed dignity and any sense of humanity in this place. Government has lost control of the far-right party(neonazi party-golden dawn) even though they acted as they wanted to prevent their actions, we all know that this is a fraud because they both cooperate in various ways (such as economic support from government to the the neo-nazis) . Although some members of golden dawn got arrested, the party is still a member of the parliament. THAT'S PURE IRONY!!!  The basis of the problem ,of course lies in the government itself. The measures they vote for impoverish more people by the day...
   Reading this article won't even touch the less of the problem, needing to see things for ones self to really understand the situation. Manipulative media who work for major labels that support the government throw at our faces obvious lies to prevent us from seeing the truth which is a really sad one.
   The prime reason for this article to be written is to spread solidarity because most of the issues are already known among the people that experience them(not only in Greece but in other countries with similar problems as well). 

   After a long time there should be a proper update on our blog. To begin with, the last show took place at Vancouver apartment at 5/7/2013 as a record release show along with our friends Slavebreed.  After this health issues and lack of time drew us back(G the vocalist had an operation). Nonetheless, the band is working on new stuff with more passion than before and more shows are scheduled for 2014. We also hit the studio preparing a 7 inch or 12 inch (we will decide in the end of the recordings). 'Sick of this life' LP went sold out about 2 months ago from the copies the band and Scarecrow distro-records had.  In the links below you can find the last copies of the record. 

eye5 records (check this label in which you can find more Greek bands. Also they were really helpful for us in releasing the record)
blastbeat mailmurder (awesome label-distro. Here you can find great releases from Greek bands and not only. Check it out!)
scullcrasher (dedicated to the DIY idea 100%. Bak who runs the label is a really cool guy)
http://biologicasquad.blogspot.gr/ (Squad in Thessaloniki.People that run the shows and the distro of biologica are really unique)
7inch distro (Greg runs the distro in the city of Volos. Great guy. Great distro)
catch the soap (Show organizers and cool distro as well)
noise effect (Great distro from the city of Thessaloniki)

   Last but not least you can find some copies in the States in the area San Francisco from Mike's distro (opa opa?), message us if you want to contact him. 
You may also search online for facebook pages of distro's that have our record.


 Maximum Rock 'n' Roll September 2013 issue

Metal Hammer September 2013 Greek issue 

The Lp is also available for download on our bandcamp page.
Since our records are sold out the only merchandise we have left are patches and some t-shirts.You can contact us for orders.

(model AK47, don't mess with him)
(photographer Jimmy Case, mess with him)

   Don't forget to check out our drummer's other band and good friends of ours, Progress of Inhumanity
They have released a new killer 7inch.
   We would like to thank everyone that helped us.